Towards Hope Animation is a documentary of MediaVoice Films.  Inoace Design Studio was responsible for the design and animation in the documentary. All was done in 3D and stylized to fit with the mood and ambiance of the documentary.

Autodesk Maya: for 3d modelling and animation.
Adobe Photoshop: For textures and visuals.
Adobe After Effects: For Final composition, color grading and output.


Towards Hope – 3d title and animation from Inoace.


Following are screenshots and making process of it.

Towards Hope Animation 3d inoace


(Beauty Shots)

Wire frames of Village House and trees were built from ground up and polygon count was kept optimal for better results in terms of speed and quality. The house contained traditional bed (charpai), Matka (water pots) and Hand water pump. The fallen trees and twisted electric pole is to further establish the feel of destruction. Final Rendering was done using several pass including Beauty, Shadow, Color, Occlusion Passes and later composed in After Effects for final grading and output.


4 5

(Map of Pakistan for aerial animation)


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