VAMA was going to take part in expo and BTL activities and for that they have design requirements, for an effective campaign. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Design Theme

Client has a preference of clean and simple layouts with strong emphasis on visual messages.Keeping that in mind Рall designs include ample breathing space while the highlights are in their corporate orange color. Reports, Flyers, Poster and roll-up banners were designed for the task at hand.

VAMA – Designs for Expo

Vama NYK Conference poster expo design inoace design studio

VAMA Flyer Design for expo stall

Poster Designs:  with same clean layouts and focus on visual messages, The theme was black and white with target objects in VAMA orange color.

Poster Design Inoace Design Studio VAMA Newyork

Report Designs

VAMA also were looking for report designs to pitch to potential clients, mainly hotels. Inoace was glad to provide design services for the task and keeping the same design preferences, we have designed following artworks.

Report - Vama - Inoace Design StudioIn the pie charts the dangerous areas are shown with bugs infestation to further enhance the proposal and create visual impact.


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