DIYers ultimate dream

Well, like many DIYers, my checklist also contained the inspiring machine called, CNC, that can take commands from a pc and execute it with either a laser, or a wood router. I’ll go for the router only, since laser can be dangerous and I have kids who touch things first and ask later.

Before we progress forward, let me throw a disclaimer, that this is not a step by step tutorial, but an inbetweener, i.e. experience and research that is gathered in past 2 years drooling for a cnc …

What is it than?

Goal here was to make a sturdy machine, using very common parts (tutorials making a cheap machine from thousands of dollar equipment is irony at its best). Following are the two extremes, that are not followed:

Extreme 1: Don’t be ultra cheap and make a useless machine

Youtube is filled with tutorial videos making cheap machines, using fragile and impractical parts like drawer slides (they hate dust and may give problems). This led me to an observation, that all those cheapo-CNC channels rarely use their own creation in later videos. So that might be a proof of concept with no/minor real world value.

Extreme 2: Nor be a snob and perfectionist

This lot can be found in forums, the ultra perfectionists with golden ears/eyes and what not. Unless you are working on a project to be sent to mars, a hobbyist may not feel the difference between 0.000001 and 0.0000001 mm (strictly for wood working, not metal milling) . As a hobbyist I dont need 0.00-gazillion millimeter perfection.

That being said..

Work on CNC started, the