ITPalooza is an annual gathering of South Florida’s nonprofit Technology User Groups. We at Inoace Design Studio are honored to re-brand the looks and feel of ITPalooza 2015, the 4th annual event, which is going to be MUCH MORE!. ITPalooza 2015 was held on Dec. 3 and hosted by NSU’s College of Engineering and Computing.

ITPalooza Re-branding Project Included:

  1. Logo Redesign
    (a new feel while keeping the palooza touch)
  2. Branding Guide
    (to set a base for current and future branding)
  3. Sponsorship Guide
    (a guide for sponsor packages and features associated)
  4. Program Guide
    (a guide for users containing details, schedule and floor plan)
  5. Floor Plan Poster
    (schedule and floor plan for participants guidance)
  6. T-shirt design
    (for staff and participants)
  7. Web Badges

ITPalooza re-branding theory:

Colors at play:

The colors behind the branding were selected to keep the spirit of Palooza (partying at one place with a ton of people like there’s no tomorrow) alive. Where both colors are energetic and also touch the creative and wisdom side of IT.

Purple: the combination of energy of red and stability of blue. It is also associated with wisdom, creativity, mystery and magic.

Orange: combines the energy of red with happiness of yellow.


Insignia: is a party balloon which can be used for a number of things.

Branding in play

The branding turned out to be a success, with a balanced and consistent look in whole event and use of design to make it easier for participants to find details they require. The ITPalooza management was happy with the progress and the results.

Tshirt-ITPalooza-Staff-Back - Arif - Inoace Poster - Arif - Inoace ITPalooza Program Guide - Arif - Inoace ITPalooza (1) Program Guide - Arif - Inoace ITPalooza Tshirt-ITPalooza-back - Arif - Inoace - e2 marketing

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