SIZE: We are selling 2×80 square yards = 160sqyd leased houses
LOCATION: Bhittai Colony korangi crossing, Sector A, near HBL bank, 2nd to main road (Korangi to DHA)


  • Near 3 banks (HBL, Meezan and UBL).
  • This area is hub of commercial activity and rents start from 20k+ for furnished 2 bedroom house. Ideal for bigger clients who want to have large space and construct appartments or commercial business.
  • Both are our own family owned (currently residing) and clear from any issues.
  • This area is under supervision of cantonment board, with daily garbage collection from points, water (line + boring well), gas and very good situation of electricity.

House 1:

  • 2nd from main road
  • Ground +1
    • 4 rooms
    • 2 baths
    • 1 kitchen
    • 5x6ft duct for ventilation from roof
    • Marble floor whole house except stairs for safety
    • tiled bathrooms.
    • Roof top is also clean and can be used for night and evening sitting and activities. (cold breeze blows at night)
  • electricity, plumbing and windows doors and grill as is will be included in price.

House 2:

  • 3rd house from road
  • Ground + 1, old construction
  • 5 rooms + 2 kitchen + 2 bath
  • for those looking to demolish and built as per their dream (don’t think this area has any plots left unbuild)

Demand 3.5 crore for both. Kindly don’t offer low prices, 19-20 ho giay ga, but no funny offers.

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