Project: FutureVerse branding

Client is starting an ambitious journey to build one of a kind, America’s future museum – Futureverse.

Client feedback

If you are looking for an excellent Power Point Designer, then Arif is your man. He is very talented, get’s the mission of your work and objectives, on time with no language barriers. He is fast and I highly recommend his services. He will not disappoint you.

Logo design

The project started from inversotr’s pitch to logo design, promotional video and extended to website design. The insignia is the fast forward symbol, that represents the fast paced, futuristic approach.

logo design futureverse by arif saeed inoace design studio

Website Design

Futureverse had a specific vision in mind when they approached us for the creation of a website that would serve as a powerful magnet for potential investors interested in their museum project. They emphasized the need for a website with a clean, modern design that would effectively highlight the key features of their venture.

In response to their requirements, our team embarked on a creative journey to craft a unique and tailored online presence for Futureverse. To achieve this, we leveraged the cutting-edge capabilities of WordPress, which had recently introduced Full Site Editing through a block-based theme system.

wordpress block theme by arif saeed inoace design studio

This innovative approach allowed us to dedicate more attention to the thematic essence of the website, ensuring it perfectly mirrored the essence and aspirations of Futureverse’s museum project. The block-based theme architecture offered us unprecedented flexibility and customization options, enabling us to design a website that not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations.

Furthermore, this choice of technology had an additional advantage: it simplified the process of future updates and modifications that might be required by Futureverse. With a user-friendly interface and streamlined editing capabilities, our client could easily manage and refine their website as their project evolved and grew.

In conclusion, Futureverse’s quest for an enticing, information-rich website for attracting potential investors became a reality through the fusion of their vision and our expertise. The utilization of WordPress’s Full Site Editing via a block-based theme system resulted in a website that was not just visually appealing but also poised for seamless adaptability as Futureverse continued to make strides in the museum world.

Thanks to wordpress for the amazing offer, it will help keep sanity when designing wordpress themes.

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