DIYers ultimate dream Well, like many DIYers, my checklist also contained the inspiring machine called, CNC, that can take commands from a pc and execute it with a laser, or a router, depending on your ambitions. Now before we progress forward, let me throw a disclaimer, that this is not a step by step tutorial, […]

Wood DIY project for kids. Had some spare mdf board lying around from past projects. Drew a reference design with help of permanent marker onto it. It looks like a whale now, but trust me this will be a helicopter 😀 Step 1 – Wood Cutting The shape was cut with jig saw cutting tool. […]

For a hobby project to play audio files from an SD card, there came a requirement to count files. A bit of browsing internet and we were not able to find something desirable in top searches. To overcome the situation, it was decided to add a bit of additional variable “int fileCountOnSD = 0; in […]

ACS712 current sensor practical formula

There are a LOT of articles and codes flying in the internet world, but sadly they are too much bookish. Here, after some headbanging, I am sharing ACS712 current sensor practical formula that worked well for me. When working with Arduino Uno in real world, you would have to realize that the supply voltages will […]