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The charm of connected world is making clients happy from accross the world. Being a tech enthusiast it was exciting when we have an opportunity to work with Cubismi. The project was to develope two intuiface experience for their booth in RSNA expo, Chicago, USA. Below you can see the kiosk in action.

Cubismi RSNA 2022 Expo intuiface experience

kiosk intuiface experience

First Intuiface experience was for a 65 inch kiosk display. The purpose was to give an overview and credentials of amazing team Cubismi has. The experience also acts as a place to enter raffle for an ipad and buy subscriptions via email form and checkout.

intuiface experience design by choudry arif saeed
email form for intuiface experience on kiosk by arif saeed

The data collected by user form, uploads to cloud, where it can be accessed as well as displayed as analytics. The intuiface analytics displays usage / frequency of pages viewed. Duration user was on each page and much more data for better understanding what is in demand.

iPad interactive experience

Apart from a large kiosk interactive display there was also an ipad where you can explore further details on the packages, free content as well as email forms for a chance to win ipad via raffle or subscribe if you are excited about what cubismi has to offer.

On the title page heading text and logo appears fading and zooming in. Swipe up to move to next slide.

An intro video by the CEO as well ad a pdf article. both can be tapped to appear and toggle off. The close button on bottom will lead back to main screen of the interactive experience.

Screen with intro text and Cubismi dashboard.

Menu control for inside pages. Click on main or submenu to discover all the slides with vidoes and pdf articles.

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