Collaborating with Steve to deliver exhibition graphics design for the 18th Annual State of the CIO 2024 event was truly exhilarating. With years of crafting CIO designs, I seized the chance to refresh the event’s logo and revamp the backdrop designs, injecting them with vibrancy and professionalism.

Intro Video Animation Design

Crafting an engaging intro video animation was a standout moment for us. This animation paid homage to past events, honoring the significant impact of CIOs. Set to an upbeat soundtrack, the video seamlessly synchronized visuals with emerging trends, capturing the essence of innovation and progress within the CIO community. Our goal through this animation was twofold: to celebrate past CIO achievements and to inspire present and future leaders.

Presentation Design for projector and screens

Exhibition Graphics Design - Arif Saeed graphics design services
Exhibition Graphics Design - Arif Saeed graphics design services
podium and large main projector screen

The large projector screen situated at the stage not only played the intro video but also showcased the presentation design we delivered, presenting event details and agenda seamlessly. Moreover, the venue boasted a main screen as well as a smaller side projector screen, providing attendees with multiple viewing options. Additionally, the presentations were animated and looped, ensuring that key information was conveyed effectively and engagingly throughout the event.

Projectos screen presentation design

Presentation Design for Agenda Screen

Presentation design

Graphics Design

The program guide contained event details, CEO messages, and sponsor logos. Additionally, it featured interviews with industry experts. These insights illuminated the field’s future.

program guide design
Program Guide Design
Program guide design
Program Guide Design
Program guide design
Program Guide Designs
table tent for exhibition design
Table Card

Presentation design detailing the Panel members

Presentation desifn detailing the Panel

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