Escape to a fantasy world with ‘Pathway in Snow,’. An After Effects animation that takes you on a surreal journey through tree-covered mountains in the winter season. As the camera slowly moves through the scene, you’ll see blowing clouds and an owl flying in the distance.

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Inspiration of Animation

It all started with inspiration from this free image link

from this inspiration
Pathway in snow
to this final result

Animation Scene Setup

Imagine walking through a enchanted forest and seeing lamp posts suspended in mid-air, their glowing orbs-like bulbs casting a magical pathway towards the horizon. That’s the stunning scene we’ll be creating with our airborne lamp.

A classic looking lamp post was cropped in Photoshop and multiple layers are extracted to make space for lamp flame, so it appears inside the lamp post. The sequence would be Back layer > flame footage > front glass and frame.We added a cloud at the bottom of the image, which we later animated in After Effects using the turbulent displacement effect.

tree background remove photoshop

Additionally, in Photoshop, we extracted trees from the image and subsequently sprinkled them around in the After Effects animation scene setup.

after effects animation making side view arif saeed

If you’ve ever worked with clouds in an animation project, you know that they can be tough on your computer’s processing power. To avoid constant lags and make the workflow faster, it’s a good idea to pre-render your clouds composition.

Furthermore, if you’re an After Effects user, you’re likely familiar with the frustration of having an animation take a long time to render. One way to speed up the process is by pre-rendering. This technique creates an image sequence that After Effects can read faster. This allows you to save time and stay focused as you finalize and refine your animation.

aftereffects clouds render image sequence animation

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