Pathway in snow, is an After Effects animation showing a fantasy other worldly scene, with blowing clouds while the camera moves slowly. You can also see an owl flying in the far.
This surreal scene can give you a glimpse in the dreamy and happy world with tree covered mountains during the winter season. You can check and buy stock footages from inoace studio here.

Inspiration of Animation

It all started with inspiration from this free image link

from this
Pathway in snow
to this final result

Animation Scene Setup

The idea was to show magical lamp posts hovering in air and making an invisible path toward far in background. A classic looking lamp post was cropped in Photoshop and multiple layers are extracted to make space for lamp flame, so it appears inside the lamp post. The sequence would be Back layer > flame footage > front glass and frame. A cloud at bottom was added to be later animated in After Effects with turbulent displacement effect.

tree background remove photoshop

Trees from the image were also extracted in Photoshop and were later sprinkled around in After Effects animation scene setup.

after effects animation making side view arif saeed

Clouds are one often not easy on processing power. To avoid constant lags and to make the workflow faster, clouds composition was pre rendered. This way After Effects is only reading image sequence (faster) rather processing displacement effect (slow). This is a lot easier on sanity when finalizing and finetuning.

aftereffects clouds render image sequence

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