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My idea for mini planet was to show a magical workshop with some dramatic lighting and mysterious feel. That will urge viewer to fantasize. Wizards and magic was my inspiration.

Secured 1st prize in Mini Planet contest.

Magical Mini Planet Contest Deviantart Arif Saeed Inoace Karachi

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Thought Process

Day 0:

Thought of an idea to show a magical plant workshop, with some dramatic lighting. The image was clear in my mind. As usual I delayed on next day and played some games.

Day 1:

Time: 6 Hours approx.

After the initial idea I started to give the project some shape and started from the most important thing THE PLANET

Day 2:

Time: 6 Hours approx.

Adding and tweaking textures. Used many psd networks which increased rendering time very much, so reduced the resolutions to acceptable sizes and merged unnecessary layers in Photoshop. Going to work more on city by adding more details and buildings.

Day 3:

Time: 3 Hours + approx.

Tweaking lights and composition and placements. Experimented with PSD network textures glows.

Day 4:

Time: 3 Hours approx.

The tweaking is killing me, there is a lot going in mind, and I am changing things accordingly. Going to tweak textures and lights along with addition and composition of things.

Day 4:

Time: 9 Hours +

Sometimes small tweaks and changes in setting can be a nightmare ( I mean seriously, I woke up 6:30 in morning). Today’s rendering was much painful. Long render times, Maya running out of memory and not to mention dozens of crashes. Then I had to go back to basics and reduced settings, lowered Shadow rays, changed many bumpy materials to Lambert from Blinn Shader to save reflection calculations. It seems that lowering settings paid off, I can see rendering process speeding up. I must mention that I am not patient enough to wait for hours of rendering, so I reduced resolution to acceptable sizes, minimized light rays and other expensive (reflection counts ) stuff.

So , with drum roll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!This the the final outcome.

Textures from ( I manipulated most textures to my taste)