Task: Inclusive Consulting website design

This project was to design the website for Inclusive Consulting. The client was looking for a custom-designed theme. With animations and layout that explains their services with ease and clarity.

website design -inclusive-consulting by inoace Choudry Arif Saeed

As a website specialist or designer, you know the significance of making an outwardly engaging and easy to understand landing page for your site. One method for adding a unique components to your landing page is by animating specific components as the client looks down the page. This can assist with keeping the client drew in and add a touch of style to your site.

While adding exciting elements to your landing page is important, it’s also crucial to ensure that your design is responsive. This means that it can adapt to various screen sizes. This is particularly important in today’s world where people access websites on a range of devices.

The custom designed clientele logos area catches the eye as one of the most notable additions on the homepage. As you scroll down the page, you’ll see a laptop screen with a series of logos animating in one by one. These logos represent some of our most valued clients.

Below is the whole design of site.

inclusive consulting website design

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