Want to create an intuiface interactive presentation for a museum or educational purpose interactive screens? You found the right person 😉. Our designed intui face interactive presentations are displayed at:

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Interactive presentation for Ukonekt, premiered at World of Coffee – Berlin, Germany. Thanks to awesome IntuiFace, an interesting software, designed for touch screen presentation and UI design.

Arif, was a complete gentleman. He was hard working and we spent long nights working on the project together to meet a very tight deadline. I look forward to working with him in the future. Anyone that needs a presentation designer for any platform…

Interactive presentation design with Intuiface - Inoace design studio Choudry Arif Saeed

Client had requirement to display their series of interactive products, that can boost returning customer for businesses. To fulfill this, multiple pages were linked with a main navigation menu. Along with other touch points that allowed navigation, visual display of information. This was done with the help of vertical and horizontal scrolling pages and click to popup product images. Check them out ukonektcups.com

Let’s see this interactive presentation in action:

Vertical Scrolling Page: Upon entering this slide, elements come animating onto the screen. This page will scroll top to bottom, until the limit is reached. Some images are made touch sensitive. They pop up when tapped, and return to original size on tap again. Thus packing more information without compromising readability, when required.

Horizontal Scrolling Page: Touch enabled panels will animate in, with the ability to horizontally scroll them and explore further upon tap.

Horizontal sliding buttons, touch anyone to explore
Animated pie charts and interactivity, touch to popup

Page Menu: This page will show relative information of the button pressed.

Interactive Menu : Video will slide right when buttons are tapped for details. Video will go full screen when played, returning upon end or pause.

Touch Buttons Page: Buttons animating for attention, tap one to see related product and description.

Check them out at World of Coffee in Berlin, Germany

Looking for Powerpoint based presentations, here they are, link, it’s all about presentation design!

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