Pachelbel Canon D Musical Animation , one of personal project done in Autodesk Maya during the early years of study. I still like this song. This amazing performance was the inspiration.

Nominated in “Hall of Fame – Animations” in  The 3d Artists Club here LINK

3d animation nominated arif inoace

Jamshed Butt (Dean: College of Media & Arts)

Beautifully done. I LIKE the lighting + shading. Its not easy to play with ‘em if you haven’t got intelligence embedded in you. Very GOOD, be more perfect & be a part of PGA team in future

Cymae (3d artist on

Hi there!
I really like your intro picture, you’ve done a beautiful job of lighting it (though it’s a little blown out in the bottom left hand corner). Unfortunately some of the shots in the video need a bit more work. For example, the close-up of the violin has it all in shadow, and it actually looks 2D because the body is hidden in the shadows.
After watching your video, my main critique is that your animation is really really floaty. When you look at people playing instruments, they have sharp, jerky movements. It can be sharp and long, or sharp and short, and it is controlled, but it is always sharp. Check out some videos of people playing instruments and maybe sharpen up the animation to give it a more realistic look.

Muhammad Junaid Baig (TD lighting, H20 Animation Studio)

Choudry, this is really a different thing I’ve seen in a while. very beautifully done and very nice theme to present. i can see that you really have a nice sense of lighting and shading + texturing.very beautiful efforts, my favorite from your side till now  and by the way, i love the lighting and shading in your cover image ) thanks for sharing and best regards,

Ahsan Jabbar (Director

Impressive stuff ! I’m sure your work will improve even further with time and hard-work that you put in (not to forget the talent).

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