I have this idea of making something based on light colors for many weeks now, and slowly I took out the time for this project. The accordion was inspired by listening to some songs in which accordion is beautifully played.

(download wallpaper)

Feel the Accordion 3d artwork by inoace design studio

3d wireframe of Accordion at inoace design studio


After making models and composition of scene, came the part of lighting, which is my favorite part. played with lights quite a bit and finally settled on following setting. One major light is on far right, rest all are ambient or shading light. For example the top left 2 lights are lights that are creating blue shade behind the mid body of instrument. Final Gather was used to enhance the ambient lighting. Not to forget that Gamma was adjusted to 0.45 for physically accurate lighting .

3d wireframe of Accordion


After the instrument was rendered out, comes the part of post processing and wallpaper creation, which was done in Photoshop. Some primary color correction and composing of Color and Occlusion pass was processed and much attention was given to creating frame composition and enhancement of the colors. Additional music notes became the final touch.

I made it my wallpaper and eliminated some errors I noticed. So the whole process took around one hour of post, while 5-6 hours in modeling and texturing of accordion and rendering. Make it you wallpaper and Enjoy !