Idea behind 3d design

Don’t we all fantasize about different things in different stages of life, they can be big or small. So live in your world and live happily.

As far as detailed description goes. It’s a personal, non-commercial project for fun. Textures used in this are from, (thanks for free textures) and manipulated some textures to make the new one like Shield texture. All models except the feeder bottle (the old model I made earlier) are not only my own but specially made for this contest. linked above.

Contest Entry… here

Technical stuff:

Resolution: 2650×1120
Render Time: Color pass: 1 Hour 11 min
Luminance pass: 3 min
Ambient Occlusion pass: 25 min
Fog layer Pass: 20 min

Published - Revolution Art 31 Arif saeed life is a fantasy

Featured in

The 3d design was displayed in the design community blog post “The Growth of Shadowness #20”. This blog is known for showcasing the best and brightest in the design world, and we are honored to have our artwork featured alongside some truly talented individuals.

Featured - Shadowness - arif saeed life is a fantasy

In addition to being featured on “The Growth of Shadowness #20”, the artwork was also used as alumni artwork by the College of Media and Arts during promotional campaigns. This is a fantastic opportunity for our alumni to showcase their talent and reach a wider audience.

Featured - CMA awareness Campaign - - arif saeed life is a fantasy

Finally, the artwork was included in Revolution Art Magazine’s Issue 31, titled “Feelings”. This issue focuses on the power of emotion in art, and we are thrilled to have our work featured alongside some truly inspiring pieces.

Revolution Art Magazine – Read online here

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