Update: the article was also published in Impressions Magazine here

This is a list of Things to add / avoid in 3d projects, which can give you edge over competition.

1) PLAN!

You know you got all in head and when you will sit on pc, it will all be done in snap, but sadly that’s not the case, so plan in any following or other way

  • make doodles
  • make notes
  • make a complete map or procedure how you will do it.

2) Don’t Play Blind folded

Just because your friend or teacher used XYZ setting, you should do same for rest of your life without knowing what actually it is for?. Be curious and always know the history and purpose of features, it will make you able to tweak things as you wish giving more command over your work, who knows that blindly followed setting is the main cause of all your rendering frustration or errors.

3) Get observer’s eye

I very much emphasize on this .look around and believe me when you will look from observers eye you will find very amusing jokes and incidents around you. and those are the ones that used wisely will make your work worthy of comment “Awesome!“


Just today traveling in bus, bus conductor repeatedly asked 2 children to sit closer, because he wanted to FORCEFULLY FIT IN another man, and when the conductor saw that man is hesitating to sit there, he demanded those under 13 kids to give full fare. See, I was just sitting there and was noticing the tension of conductor and his aim to pack every one tightly.

4) Great! another cliche

Browse some forums about 3d and you will nearly find same things again and again and again (yup! that much repetition ), though its good to polish your skills, and make things realistic, but after making a dozen of cliches try asking yourself “where’s my creativity” if you can copy the environment exactly , good very good, may be in near future computer will be able to that for us, you are no machine so go break something’s (strictly talking about rules not room furniture), say ok lets make it this way or lets say try fantasy mood try adding ideas in render , don’t just make models like machine.

View this awesome render, it got everything , lights modeling and most of all strong idea that inspires. LINK

5) just don’t throw it, PRESENT IT!

yup! presentation is very important in 3d just like in everything else. browse some still life compositions do some photography, observe lights and arrangements in nature and man made so when you model something new, you should be able to present it or say Sell it to others.