With the rise of generative AI and the introduction of impressive technologies like Dalee and ChatGPT, there is a growing debate about the potential impact of AI on the job market. While some predict a doomsday scenario where AI replaces humans at an alarming rate, it is important to consider both the advantages and limitations of this transformative technology.

The Power of AI: Making Things Easier

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AI undeniably has the potential to make various tasks easier and more efficient. When it comes to repetitive work, AI can either assist humans or even surpass them in performance. This can lead to job reduction in certain areas where AI can adequately fulfill the requirements. Furthermore, AI can eliminate low-level, underpaid jobs, freeing up resources and enabling individuals to focus on more meaningful work. For creative professionals, AI can be a valuable tool, allowing them to leverage its capabilities to enhance their creative output while saving time and effort.

Will AI take your Job? Yes AI will replace you if

If your work primarily involves repetitive tasks, AI may be able to assist or outperform you. The results generated by AI might be acceptable to many clients, potentially leading to a decrease in job opportunities. Additionally, AI can help creatives by providing solutions that they can further develop or customize, saving them from the tedious process of starting from scratch.

AI Supporting Humans: AI won’t replace you if

However, it is important to note that AI is not a complete replacement for human expertise. In situations where exact results are necessary, AI may generate suggestions based on its own thought process, which might not align with the desired outcome. Double-checking and having a solid understanding of the subject matter are crucial at this stage of AI maturity.

For instance, as a DIY hobbyist, I used AI to write a code to detect touch input. Although the initial code generated by AI worked flawlessly, it was not the ideal solution. By communicating with AI and providing further instructions, I was able to refine the code to meet my specific needs. This example highlights the importance of directing AI to align with the intended goals rather than relying solely on its initial output.

Moreover, AI requires clear and specific instructions, breaking down complex problems into step-by-step guidance. While AI can save time and handle monotonous or redundant tasks, it is essential for users to have the ability to effectively communicate their requirements to the AI system.

Expanding Possibilities: New Fields Will Open

Contrary to fears that AI will replace jobs entirely, history has shown that new technologies often create higher-level or different job opportunities. In the realm of generative AI, there are already websites selling prompts or commands to be used with AI models, allowing users to generate desired results. This emerging market demonstrates the potential for individuals to leverage AI as a tool and provide specialized services.

Furthermore, AI has already proven its worth in various fields. Scientists are utilizing AI to discover new metal alloys and find innovative solutions. Companies like Nvidia have harnessed AI to enhance raytracing capabilities, transforming hours of work into real-time renderings. While AI can generate spun articles and fancy words, harnessing its full potential requires domain-specific knowledge and expertise.


In conclusion, AI is a powerful tool that has the potential to assist professionals and elevate them to higher-level tasks. While AI may replace certain jobs that are repetitive or low-skilled, it opens up new possibilities for individuals to leverage their expertise in conjunction with AI capabilities. The key lies in understanding the strengths and limitations of AI and utilizing it as a supportive tool rather than fearing its potential to replace humans. With the right approach, AI can be a blessing in disguise, empowering us to achieve greater productivity, efficiency, and creativity in various domains.

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