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1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Arif Saeed, a fresh graduate in design from Pakistan.

I like to call myself Visual Artist because of my interest in several categories of design. Concept Development & Visual Image Development are my favourite among them.

My aim is to always work with fun and passion, not only be technical in skills but to also add aesthetics in designs and artworks, so I can do more meaning full work and enjoy

2. How long have you been a 3D artist?

A bit difficult to say , because I was interested in 3d long before I started my bachelors. (done some pretty bad 3d then) but mainstream focus on 3d is for about 2 years

3. How have you learned 3D?

It was included in my degree, but much of it I learned through internet and interest in it.

4. What software do you use for 3D?

I use Maya / Mentalray. I always feel there is so much to learn in Maya itself that it never allows me to go towards other softwares.

5. Is there anything in 3D you struggle with?

Well everything one do in 3d is a struggle, from idea to execution. I mostly try to stick with hard edge modelling. So I can say organic modelling scares me

6. What is your best and worst memory of working with 3D?

Winning contests in several small competitions, and appreciation in comments are my best memories, they gave me confidence and courage.

Worst memory is ummm, I had to leave a 3d studio opportunity, because it was conflicting with my descent day job as Asst. Manager CG at PGA Studio.

7. What is your main influence, your muse, when it comes to creating art?

Aim to be different and my witty nature come in handy while brain storming. Events in surrounding and browsing also helps a lot.

8. When you’re not at your computer, were are you?

In Bed or Travelling somewhere ( I know too much on PC )

9. If you had the chance to work with another artist, who would it be and why?

Cant name any one, because there are so much stunning artists out there, but given the chance I would prefer the artist, whose work is not just technical skill show-off but also full of ideas and though process.

10. Do you have any advice for other Speedy entrants?

I very much like speedy theme, because it gives you opportunity to practise the process from idea to execution, and will make you good at doing so, because there are many good ideas with bad execution, vice versa.

Always try to do something different, observe your environment and you will find a lot of ideas floating near you. Grab them and try to make them reality, and as they say practise makes a man perfect.

Member Questions

1. Does much postwork go into your final deviations?

I only do color correction in post. as it can be efficient way rather then trying to do in 3d.

2. What is your inspiration for your ideas?

A lot of art browsing

Ideas from Environment

and lot of documentaries and tv shows to broaden my mind

3. How much did you pay the judges?

It depends on the situation….. and business skills of both parties

4. How do you model the things you model?

I prefer Hard Edge Modeling, Polygons are my choice. references come in handy during the process.

5. How much does illustrating help with your 3D?

Well here’s a confession, I am pretty average in illustration , but at some places illustration skills are plus, specially working with concept art.

Interview - Choudry Arif Saeed - Speedy Themes - a 3d group at deviantart.com

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