The topic of idea versus execution is a complex one, as both are necessary for success. It’s not a matter of completely neglecting one or the other, but rather finding a balance between the two. While ideas are the foundation for any project or venture, execution is crucial for turning those ideas into a reality. In the end, it’s not about which one is more important, but rather how well they are integrated and executed together.

So in each case to be successful they both have to be there. So, now the question arises which one of them is more important?.

Lets have a look.


An idea is a thought or concept that occurs in the mind. It can be a representation of something or an abstract concept. In the most narrow sense, an idea is simply whatever is present in the mind when one thinks. However, ideas can also be more complex and multifaceted, encompassing a range of concepts and ideas. Ultimately, an idea is a mental construct that can be used to convey a message, solve a problem, or generate new ideas.


Execution refers to the act of carrying out a plan or task. It involves taking the necessary steps to implement an idea or concept, and achieving the desired outcome or result. Successful execution requires careful planning, attention to detail, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. It is the process of turning an idea into a reality, and is crucial for achieving success in any venture or project.

Public Voting Result:

  1. In idea and execution which one is more important?
    • idea (20%)
    • execution (13%)
    • more idea and acceptable execution (33%)
    • more execution and acceptable idea (34%)
  2. How an idea must be thought?
    • think wild (flying birds with no boundaries) (27%)
    • follow the trend of market (7%)
    • think idea first then find ways to execute (47%)
    • think ideas but reject those you cannot execute (19%)
  3. You can be best defined as
    • Student (40%)
    • Designer (or related to field of design) (47%)
    • Businessmen (13%)
    • Work with Designers (0%)
    • Teacher (0%)
  4. in above selected field for around
    • 1 year (13%)
    • 2-3 years (27%)
    • 4-6 years (33%)
    • 7-10 (13%)
    • 10+ (14%)

Field Experts / Professionals Thought on the topic

A weak, simple or common idea is worth acceptable ….if executed well.

Mr. Yawwar Abbas, a very experienced teacher and Fellow of Higher Education Academy UK, replied . He carried on..

Idea is a chain reaction and that chain reaction is only possible when one starts the execution. A very unique idea will be dead if the execution is poor. Just like science every idea needs to be proved through a series of experiments….and that’s execution. An idea on paper is nothing, one has to give proof.

Mr. Jamshed Butt, CEO PGA Studio | Director PAF KIET College of Media & Arts gave his valuable thoughts,

It depends on target Market and approach, both Idea and execution must be there, and for ideas that change the world a visionary mind is absolute necessity

Mr. Ahsan Jabbar,  Entrepreneur and CEO, shed light from business side.

Execution is more important and it should be need based. Also it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. Ideas mostly exist, but innovation can always be done. For example if we observe that  middle eastern culture is more popular in our city and decide to open a restaurant on that theme, so idea of opening a restaurants not new in this case, but the execution can be.

Omer Tariq, graphic designer for over 8 years, explained beautifully.

I believe in “Great Idea, flawless execution

he continued

I’m speaking in terms of Advertising/Graphic design. A design with no idea and amazing execution is just an eye candy, it will grab attention but without a strong idea, general audience will not remember it, similarly a design with a great idea and terrible execution is just a waste, only a few people will be attracted towards it due to its clever thought.

There is no easy way if you want a successful design, it has to be a perfect Idea executed flawlessly, everything else is just an excuse.

In some forms of Art, like in Entertainment, Idea becomes more important. If you have a great idea in a movie, audience is willing to overlook the flawed execution. My suggestion is always to follow the rule of “Great Idea, flawless execution” wherever possible.


So, I hope the situation is a little bit clear now. The idea does have its power but without a tangible form to share/show or prove, it loses its strength. In some cases, Idea plays a big part and vice versa. Great ideas and flawless execution should be our aim, and if we are determined to do something, new doors open for us.

With all that said, I would just like to add that people with vision, passion and die-for attitude not only think great ideas but also find the ways to execute, which brings question in our mind, how can they think of such a great idea?.

That was easy!

This is the complex part of Idea vs Execution. So read this only if you wish to go deeper into topic.

It amazed me a little when I discovered that quite a lot of marketing / branding factors and theories can be seen working behind the scene. Few things that effect the whole scenario:

Article published in Impressions Magazine:

Note: All the conclusions are based on audience and experienced professional views. Every aspect of human life is a trial-based, you will always have to try and figure out what is best for you. So if you have some different experiences, DO SHARE! with us for educational purposes. Special Thanks to all the participants and to respected professionals, who spend their valuable time to make this article Execute. Good luck executing!

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