Arif Saeed is a veteran graphics and presentation designer. He holds 16 years of experience and a Top Rated Plus badge under his belt from the world’s top marketplace Upwork.

Since joining Upwork in 2011, based on client’s secret rating given after project completion. Arif has maintained:

  • 100% job success score (ever since feature launched)
  • Top Rated Badge (ever since feature launched)
  • Top Rated PLUS Badge
best Top Rated plus designer Arif Saeed inoaec

In this series, he shares Tips for design students to enter and survive this fast-paced and competitive field.

Since 2006 (16+ years) Arif has worked with small and large organizations across the globe. To date Arif Saeed had delivered more than six thousand presentation slides and design campaigns for multiple events worldwide.

Along with making clients super happy with results, Arif is also a visiting faculty at a renowned local institution IQRA University teaching design to grad students.

My mission is leaving a legacy and next-generation that is not only skillful but honest and positive addition to society.

Arif Saeed

This video contains:
00:00 Introduction / Arif Saeed – veteran graphic designer
00:22 Surviving this competitive graphic design industry
01:02 Tips for entrants to enter and avoid pitfalls / customer abuse
03:13 tackling saturation / low balling freelancers
04:03 Freelancer who copy from internet
04:23 Listening to your wife
04:59 Customizing design to get clients
08:11 Designer Shark analogy
08:34 9 to 5 office for everyone ?
13:24 Are marketplaces sustainable
16:07 best tip for finding clients?

Steps to freelancing – webinar NCSA

North City School of Art organized a webinar upon opening another branch. Arif was one of the 4 speakers to share tips for design students and guided step by step on deciding and starting as a creative professional.

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